Startup News Series #1 – T Shirt Printing??

“We’re here.”

No, that’s not a WWE themed catch phrase.

It’s what JollyPrints, co-founder, Mike Tan, told me when I met him in the recent business expo I attended held in Manila.

His team and company were there to promote their latest site, JollyPrints, a t shirt printing company where you can order and customize your shirts (and other merchandise) online. They are also big on the corporate gifts side.

Before I continue, I love Gildan shirts. It’s just wonderful. Once you wear it, you’ll see the difference when it comes to other t shirts.

Well, it just so happened that they were giving custom gildan shirts away on their booth. When I got there, I got an orange one and who am I to refuse a nice freebie like that??

They introduced their company, their style and their process. They showed the whole website, which is currently offering t shirts but will expand to other merchandise, like custom tumblers, custom pens, buttons and so on… once they are ready because quality is such a big deal to them.

Gildan Shirts Philippines

I got a Gildan, pretty much like this one. Oh, their ordering system is pretty easy as well!

They started off with a dream of filling the market that needed higher quality custom gifts. Obviously, companies look at cheaper prices when it comes to corporate gifts but does the giveaways actually serve a purpose? Or is it just a plain waste of money?

Those aren’t their only clients though as they also serve direct consumers, especially students and their organizations. A lot of students have a lower budget so they end up getting really bad quality shirts when it comes to student orgs and events.

It boils down to “if they will wear it” instead of “they will wear it regularly”

When it comes to JollyPrints, they are SURE that the people you give away your shirts to will wear them and that alone serves as great ROI for you.

These shirts will help promote your brand, your cause, your event, your culture, your style. They won’t just wear it to bed, they’ll wear it outside and be proud of it.

Don’t kid yourself, you probably got a free shirt, but was too embarrassed to go out wear it in public OR you just didn’t like the feeling of it on your skin. Right?

I got a Gusto! shirt in the past. It was a marketing campaign they were running and I got a free shirt. I liked it so much that I was wearing it weekly and people were asking me what it was. It was funny but I WAS DOING the marketing for them!

It’s cool though because I loved the shirt so I didn’t care. It was like wearing the Vibram FiveFingers where I just keep telling people about them when they ask. FREE MARKETING.

Before I keep going on and on, let’s stop it there! I have too much stories to tell.

Now, going back to JollyPrints, they are NEW but the future already looks bright for them. I can’t wait to see how their business turns out. Enthusiastic leaders and team usually makes for a lasting and successful business.

We here at BPCNA wish them the best of luck!

Visit them on their Facebook page here.

Catch more of our Startup News Series, next week!

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